S E N T I N E L S recently travelled to Los Angeles, CA, Paris, FR and Naples, Italy. Check out theĀ M A P S page to see where pieces can be found in these locations. Happy hunting!

If you find one, take a photo, and email us at sentinelssite [at] gmail [dot] com.

Also be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures and updates!

S E N T I N E L S :: how it works

Have you seen an object, white, made of paper possibly, around town? Have you wondered what it was, where it came from and what it was about? You have found the answer here.

You happenedĀ upon a work that is part of S E N T I N E L S

This project seeks to interject artworks into the landscape of Prince George and involve the viewer in interacting with it. We encourage the public to search out these pieces, find them, question them, experience them in whatever way makes sense to you as a culturally involved individual. When you have found one send us an image and we will upload it to the site. We will link the locations to the map below in order to help you seek out the works we are placing around the city.

Similar to geocashing, or a treasure hunt for adults, S E N T I N E L S presents artworks in a guerilla format. You find it, you document it and you let us know you have. Tell your friends, involve your community, bring art to the streets and the minds of those all around you.

Check the sidebar to see pages where images are updated day by day. Email us with what you have seen at sentinelssite [at] gmail [dot] com.